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Draft Thurgoona Wirlinga Drainage Strategy

A draft strategy detailing our proposed approach to stormwater management across the entire growth corridor of Thurgoona Wirlinga.

We have prepared a draft Thurgoona/Wirlinga Drainage Strategy (TWDS) which once implemented will provide an overarching approach to stormwater management across the entire growth corridor of Thurgoona Wirlinga, whilst providing environmental benefits to the community in the form of open-space parklands with walking trails and breeding habitats for the Slone’s Froglet which is a Federally listed threatened species.

The Study Area for this strategy comprises 27 undeveloped or currently developing catchments across 2,050 hectares of grazing land with a large percentage of this land being zoned for residential development. In order to determine suitable locations of Wetland/Retarding Basins (WLRB’s), modelling of the catchments was undertaken to determine the required detention sizing of each basin and appropriate areas of wetland, capable of achieving water quality requirements to form the overall WLRB’s.

By managing stormwater on a catchment by catchment basis, it will result in Council managing significantly less detention/retention basins. This draft strategy proposes 30 new Wetland/Retarding Basins (WLRBs), consolidating where feasible some existing basins.

The purpose of these 30 proposed WLRB’s assets are to:

  • mitigate the potential flooding impacts of future and existing development for a 1% Annual Exceedance Probability (AEP) event;
  • achieve ‘Best Practice’ stormwater treatment objectives;
  • provide breeding habitat areas for the Federally listed threatened species, the Slone’s Froglet;
  • additional environmental benefits by providing ‘open-space’ parklands with walking trails making them nature reserves and future public destinations; and
  • limit the number of basins required to service the growth area.


We welcome your feedback and comments. These will be received until 5.00pm Friday 4 September 2020 and should be addressed to Ian Redman, PO Box 323 Albury NSW 2640 or by email.

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