Speed check - Stop It Or Cop It

If speeding drivers are an issue in your area, please let us know which streets and what the issues are by completing the form below.

Keeping our community safe

Under the Local Government Road Safety Program, AlburyCity applies for funding each year to work with the community to combat speeding and reduce the number of crashes where speed is a contributing factor. Unfortunately, about 40% of road fatalities involve speed.

The Stop It...Or Cop it campaign is a partnership between council and the NSW Police Force and aims to improve road safety by reducing risky behaviour. This high visibility enforcement is targeted and coordinated so that police can address risks identified in particular areas identified by our residents.

Police can then respond to emerging issues, helping ensure safety for road users and pedestrians.

If speeding drivers are a problem in your area, please let us know which streets are a concern and identify the issues by completing the form below.

The top five streets will then be targeted with a mobile speed board, traffic and speed counters, and enhanced police enforcement.

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E.g. location of speed - between X and Y street, roundabouts or intersections, etc.