Your Customer Experience at AlburyCity

Customer service excellence is very important to us. We asked you what you thought about it and received 207 responses for us to consider.

Project Name

Customer Experience at AlburyCity

Why did we consult

We are developing a Customer Experience Strategy to continue our work towards delivering customer service excellence. We could not do this successfully without talking to you. We needed to hear and find out what you want so we can deliver you the best experience possible when you contact us.

What did we find out?

We sent out the survey in November 2018 and a total of 207 survey responses were received. The survey was available on our ‘Have a Say’ web page, with hard copies delivered to key stakeholders and interested customers in retirement villages, community and sport centres and Libraries. We also contacted our external engagement groups, Business Chamber and News from AlburyCity readers to participate.

Some of the key findings from the survey responses included:

  • You scored us 3.8 out of 5 for our current delivery of customer service
  • The reasons most of you contacted us were for childcare / vacation care, rates and/or water accounts, building or planning and community centres.
  • Your top three priorities for us to deliver Customer Service Excellence are:
  1. Happy, friendly Council Officers
  2. A more customer-focussed website and
  3. Staff listen to my concerns
  • Not many of you knew about our Customer Service Charter so this has given us an opportunity to review and update the charter

What did we do with the feedback?

We will use your feedback in the development of the Customer Experience Strategy. We have taken on board your suggestions and now have some great ideas on how to aim higher and deliver you excellence in customer service.

What happens now?

We will develop an easy to read and engaging Customer Experience Strategy and are currently reviewing the Customer Service Charter. We will make these available to you in the very near future.