Stronger Country Communities Round Two

We received 1580 submissions from the public to our Have A Say on the stronger country communities round two funding opportunity. Thank you to everyone who took the time to make a submission.

Project name

Stronger Country Communities Round Two

Why did we consult?

As part of Round 2 of the NSW Government’s Stronger Country Communities Fund, AlburyCity was  given the opportunity to apply for $1.969M.

We nominated 15 projects that could be developed if we were to receive this money and we asked the community to choose the five projects most important to them.

Ranging from sporting centre improvements to the installation of new equipment in our public spaces or improvements to existing community assets, the successful projects will enhance sporting, recreational and lifestyle opportunities across the city.

What did we find out?

We received 1580 submissions.  The Have a Say process asked you to indicate your preferences among the projects listed below. The highlighted projects, totaling $1,982,609 will be included in the funding application.

Further details relating to the projects with an asterisk as well as those that were not selected can be found under the heading 'what happens next' further below.

Tracks & Trails Infrastructure Improvements (x4) 674 42.66%
PCYC Outdoor Basketball Courts 585 37.03%
Thurgoona Sportsground Changerooms & Public Toilets Upgrade 533 33.73%
East Albury Outdoor Fitness Zone 519 32.85%
Jelbart Park Sportsfield Lighting Upgrade 494 31.27%
Thurgoona Outdoor Fitness Zone 491 31.08%
* Yarrunga Long Day Care Facility Building Extensions 478 30.25%
South Albury Active Zone 455 28.80%
** Retro Lane CafĂ© – Placemaking Project 444 28.10%
Albury Wodonga Equestrian Centre 441 27.91%
Aloysius Park Sportsfield Drainage & Resurfacing 433 27.41%
Bunton Park Sportsfield Lighting Upgrade 359 22.72%
Glen Park Sportsfield Lighting Upgrade 320 20.25%
*** Endeavour Park Improvements 159 10.06%
Haydon Park Sportsfield Drainage 130 8.23%

What did we do with the feedback?

AlburyCity officers will now progress with the application process as well as contact all user groups to inform them of the outcome.

What happens now?

For those projects not selected for the Round 2 application, AlburyCity will continue to work with user groups to secure other grant funding over the next 12 months and if not successful will be considered for inclusion into the 2019-20 budget process.

* Funding ($395K) for the Yarrunga Long day Care Facility extensions will be included in Council's Draft 2018-19 budget under its Community Fund allocation.

** Retro Lane Place Making Project - recent investigations have revealed impediments that are likely to impact on the delivery of the project in the timeframes for the grant. The project will now be included in to future budgets processes following further investigations into the impediments.

*** Endeavour Park improvements - Council has requested that this project be included in the draft 2018-19 budget to be tabled on 23 April 2018.