Stop It or Cop it engagement results

We asked you identify which streets in Albury you thought speeding was a problem.

Project name

Stop it or Cop it.

Why did we consult?

Speeding is a major concern on our roads and contributes to over 40% of fatality crashes in NSW.  We are committed to providing ongoing support to all road users in keeping our community safe. We asked you to identify streets where you believed speeding was a concern so we can assist Police in slowing drivers down.

What did we find out?

We received 725 submissions and over 150 additional social media comments nominating streets for 'Stop it or Cop it'. More than 170 individual streets were nominated. The top five Streets were:

  • Burrows Road
  • Kemp Street
  • Vickers Road
  • Logan Road
  • Kaitlers Road.

Other highly nominated streets included Pemberton Street, Alma Street, Sackville Street and Union Road

What did we do with the feedback?

Once we received feedback we spoke with Albury Police and incorporated historical data on street speeds. We determined which streets were most in need of increased education and Police enforcement.

What happens now?

We have collected data and established traffic volumes and speeds throughout these areas. This will be followed by electronic message board placement, radio advertising and social media posts. Police will be targeting speeding drivers in our streets. After the campaign is completed, we will check to see if the speeding has reduced in the targeted areas. An increased police presence will continue throughout the wider community with a focus on speeding motorists.