Proposed recognition of Les O'Brien

The proposed recognition followed requests from Mr O’Brien’s family and the many members of the local sporting community who benefited from his knowledge for his legacy to be remembered with an appropriate tribute at the Alexandra Park Athletics Athletics complex.

Project name

Proposed Recognition of Les O’Brien.

Why did we consult?

Following a Council resolution we were seeking quantitative and qualitative feedback from the community in regards to options proposed to recognise the late Les O'Brien at the Alexandra Park Athletics Complex.

We asked the community to vote on 3 options:

  1. Name a proposed terrace seating and shade structure at the Alexandra Park Athletics Complex the ‘Les O’Brien Stand’
  2. Rename the Alexandra Park Athletics Complex  the ‘Les O’Brien Athletics Complex’
  3. Not name any facility or structure at the Alexandra Park Athletics Complex after Les O’Brien.

What did we find out?

There was a high level of engagement throughout the Have A Say process with AlburyCity receiving 692 responses. There was a high level of support for Council to rename the Alexander Park Athletics Complex in honour of Les (79.19%).

What did we do with the feedback?

The feedback was included in a report to Council in May 2018 to assist Councillors with their consideration of the matter. The full results and all comments were provided as attachments to this report.

What happens now?

Council has resolved to rename the complex the Les O'Brien Athletics Precinct and this will now be implemented over the coming months.