Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan

Over 200 people told us how they move around our city. This information is critical in the development of our Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan

Project name

Pedestrian Access and Safety

Why did we consult?

Community engagement was undertaken to gather information regarding pedestrian access and safety within Albury. We wanted to find out how people get around our city; where there is difficulty crossing a road; are there some shops or buildings that are difficult to access; and have people noticed an issue with a kerb ramp, or is a new kerb ramp required.

What did we find out?

The Pedestrian Access and Safety community engagement had 205 respondents. The majority were females accounting for 65% of responses. All age-groups over 18 years were evenly represented in the responses. The majority of respondents were from East Albury (29%), followed by Lavington (24%).  

17% of people indicated that they used some form of mobility aide, 83% did not use an aide. Almost 45% of respondents indicated that they walk everyday and almost 60% answered yes to having difficulty crossing a road somewhere in Albury.

Information regarding proposed locations of pedestrian refuges, improvements to kerb ramps and shop/building accessibility issues was also collected to help inform future pedestrian planning for the city.

What did we do with the feedback?

The collated feedback will be used to inform a team of people within AlburyCity to investigate and create a list of priorities and a future pedestrian access plan for AlburyCity.

What happens now?

Based on the information we received, a draft Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan will be written and presented to Council for adoption.