Riverside Precinct and Parks Beautification

We received 562 submissions from the public to our Have A Say on the Riverside Precinct and Parks Beautification consultation. Thank you to everyone who took the time to make a submission.

Project name

Draft Riverside Precinct and Parks Beautification

Why did we consult?

In 2007 AlburyCity adopted the Murray River Experience Masterplan aiming to create better public spaces along the river to provide new opportunities for walkers, cyclists, paddlers and nature-lovers as well as enhance the riverside experience for residents and visitors to the city.

Implementation of the Masterplan has been ongoing since adoption and prior to proceeding to the next stage we sought community feedback. This consultation in June 2017 asked residents and stakeholders to view the draft concept plans for the riverside precinct and parks public infrastructure and provide feedback.

What did we find out?

We received 562 submissions, both on and off-line. The community response was overwhelmingly positive with 90% of respondents supportive of further activation, enhancement and beautification of our Central Riverside Park areas.

What did we do with the feedback?

All feedback has been summarised and included in a detailed report to Council's Planning and Development Committee on 21 August 2017 and was considered by Council on 28 August 2017.

The feedback has assisted Council with its considerations in relation to the next steps of the project.

What happens now?

Council has now been invited to lodge an application to the Regional Growth Environment and Tourism program seeking $5M funding to enable implementation of the Murray River Experience projects.

This application will be submitted by 31 October 2017. Council has also agreed to allocate $255,000 to enable detailed design, costing and preparation of applications for required approvals for the Riverside Precinct to be progressed as a priority.