Draft AlburyCity Aquatics Strategy

Close to 1000 submissions were received for this important community consultation which assisted Council in recommending further investigation of two options.

Why did we consult?

AlburyCity has been exploring the future of aquatics facilities in Albury for a number of years. It appointed consultants, SGL to develop the draft strategy and at every stage has sought community feedback. The most recent consultation, undertaken during February and March 2016 asked residents and stakeholders to nominate their preference from seven options presented to Council by SGL. 

What did we find out?

We received close to 1000 submissions, both on and off-line as well as through community information sessions, the aquatics facilities advisory committee and a petition lodged by the Albury Diving Club.

Around 50% of submissions were in support of a regional aquatic facility with a 51.5 metre indoor pool at the Lauren Jackson Sports Centre. There was little support for the two options proposing a 25 metre indoor pool, or closing both the existing facilities in favour of one regional facility.

What did we do with the feedback?

All feedback has been summarised and included in a detailed report to Council's April 2016 meeting. The feedback has assisted Council with its consideration and recommendation for the next steps of the project.

What happens now?

Council has agreed to undertake further development of concept plans and associated financial modelling and funding strategies for two options and that the findings be presented in a final Draft Aquatics Strategy. 

The two options are the retention of the existing Albury and Lavington Swim Centres and no new indoor facility, or a new regional indoor aquatic facility at the Lauren Jackson Sports Centre and retain the Albury Swim Centre.