Crime Prevention Plan review

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Have a Say process for this important community safety plan.

Why did we consult?

The AlburyCity Crime Prevention Plan (2010-2013) required updating through the development of a new plan from 2016. 

AlburyCity identified the crimes that were increasing in the Albury LGA (Domestic violence and alcohol and other drug offences) and needed to consult with residents about what was important to them. The information gathered was used in the development of the new draft Crime Prevention Plan.

What did we find out?

Over 50 people responded to the Have A Say consultation. The majority agreed with the two focus crimes for the new plan but were also concerned about graffiti and vandalism.

What did we do with the feedback?

All feedback was considered prior to the development of the draft Crime Prevention Plan. In response to issues raised by the community, the new plan focuses on domestic violence and alcohol and other drug offences, but also includes a range of initiatives targeting other community concerns.

What happens now?

The draft Crime Prevention Plan will be considered by Council and placed on public exhibition in May and June 2016. 

All submissions will be reviewed and the final plan will be presented to council for endorsement in July 2016.