Borella Road and Riverina Highway Corridor Strategy

This was the first stage of consultation where we asked your views on traffic and transport, walking and bicycle paths, signage landscaping and key precincts.

We had a terrific response with more than 50 people attending the Community Workshop and 244 online surveys completed. Thank you to everyone who took the time to contribute.

Project Name

Borella Road and Riverina Highway Corridor Strategy – Stage 1 Consultation.

Why did we consult

We are preparing a strategy to guide the long-term growth and development of the corridor. To help do this successfully we needed to hear from our community who live, work, visit or travel through this area.

What did we find out?

We held a community workshop on 13 February 2019 and had an online survey available on our ‘Have a Say’ page from 31 January until 28 February. The project was also promoted via social media, notice in the Border Mail, Business Chamber network, email News from AlburyCity, and letters mailed to properties adjoining the corridor.

Some of the key findings from Stage 1 consultation included:

  • East St / Borella Rd intersection – safety concerns, crashes and ‘near-misses’ and confusion with the service lane near IGA
  • Pedestrian crossing of Borella Rd – safety concerns and difficulty crossing generally, and in particular between hospital and IGA/East Albury shops, and need for all-abilities access for ageing population and patients/visitors of hospital/cancer centre
  • Keene St / Borella Rd intersection – safety concerns, crashes and ‘near-misses’, difficulties turning right onto and from Borella Rd
  • Freeway interchange – congestion at peak times
  • Schubach St / Borella Rd intersection – congestion at peak times
  • Streetscape / beautification – Desire to improve appearance of the corridor, retain avenue of trees, increase greenery and public art opportunities
  • Elizabeth Mitchell Dr & Table Top Rd intersections with Riverina Hwy – turning-right onto Highway at peak times
  • Airport Dr / Riverina Hwy intersection – turning-right onto Highway at peak times
  • Shared bike path / footpaths – poor condition of some paths, gaps in the network and opportunities for expansion
  • Parking at hospital – high demand at times overflowing onto surrounding streets, suggestions for on-site multi-deck parking

What did we do with the feedback?

We collated and reviewed all feedback including online surveys, notes and maps from the community workshop and emailed submissions. All feedback was provided to the consultant team for further consideration in preparing the draft Corridor Strategy.  You can read the findings in the Consultation Summary report.

What happens now?

The draft Corridor Strategy will be prepared and then there will be another opportunity to provide input which is anticipated to occur in mid-2019.