Mungabareena Aboriginal Place Management Plan

We are seeking feedback on how people use and ideas to improve Mungabareena Reserve

A special place

For countless generations, Aboriginal people met under the stately red gums by the Murray River to discuss trade, organise marriages, hold initiation ceremonies, resolve disputes and strengthen ancient customs with roots deep in the past of the region's first people.

The Wiradjuri people called it "Mungabareena" which translates to 'the place of plenty talk'.

Now, Mungabareena's importance to it's traditional owner's has been officially recognised by gazettal as an Aboriginal Place.

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What this means

The declaration of an Aboriginal Place provides legal protection over any site which has special significance for Aboriginal culture. The entire Mungabareena Reserve now has this protection.

It does not mean that this site is reserved for Aboriginal people only. In fact, the declaration aims to conserve and improve Mungabareena as one of Albury's most popular recreational areas for all of the community, while also advancing the recognition, protection and understanding of Aboriginal cultural values.

Your Say

A comprehensive consultation process has already been undertaken with the Aboriginal community. As part of the continuing consultation process, the wider community will be given the opportunity to have a say on how the site can be managed and improved.

Through this 'Have a Say' process, community members will be invited to provide input into how and where improvements such as the installation of bollards and the closure of 4WD tracks, will be enacted.

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