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Financial Assistance and Sponsorship

Provides opportunities for the community to receive funding to improve community assets owned by Council. This funding stream can also be used to fund and support larger infrastructure community projects within the city.


As part of AlburyCity's budget preparation process for the 2021/22 Financial Year, expressions of interest for financial assistance are invited. Formal applications regarding Community Fund projects, Financial Assistance and Sponsorship will open on 5 December 2020 and will close at 5.00pm, 29 January 2021.

COVID-19 funding and delivery issues

AlburyCity recognises that COVID-19 makes it extremely hard to plan and deliver programs / projects to the community. When Financial Assistance grants and Sponsorship is awarded to recipients it is with the intent that programs/projects will be delivered within an agreed time frame. If groups and individuals are having trouble to fulfil this requirement because of COVID-19, we will work with you to determine the best approach and outcome.  
Extensions may be granted and other solutions developed.

Funding recommendations will be considered as part of the 2021/2022 Council budget process. It is anticipated that recipients will be advised of the funding decision in June 2021 when the budget is formally adopted.

Eligibility criteria

  • A significant portion of the total cost of the project, as assessed by Council, will need to be provided by the applicant. This is to be primarily in cash, and may be complemented by materials or labour/trade resources.
  • Applications involving retrospective funding, maintenance costs, operational costs, administration, equipment, fittings and salaries will not be considered.
  • Generally, higher priority will be given to projects
    1. where multipurpose or flexible usage is planned;
    2. which will be used by and are accessible to a wide cross section of the community;
    3. which are developed in response to identified and documented local / regional needs for example; governing body support, master plans, management plans, business plans
    4. which are supported by Council and the community; and v. where work can be completed within 12 months of allocation (unless a staged program is approved).
    5. where the applicant has:
      1. demonstrated their long term viability through either consistent historical use of a facility, a long term tenancy arrangement or where a long term management plan is in place
      2. demonstrated sound financial management and record keeping
      3. provided forecasted cash flows and current cash reserves; and
      4. confirmed other funding received or being sought.
  • Where applicable, the governing body / peak body of the applicant or other confirmed funding partners should provide a written endorsement of the application. Where applications are received by multiple clubs or organisations from within a single governing body, that governing body may be required to advise Council of their priorities in respect of those applications.
  • The organisation will undertake to complete the project or a discrete stage of the project within the designated financial year.
  • If the project is to be completed in stages, details are to be provided for approval by Council. All work will be subject to supervision by Council’s senior officers.
  • Council will appoint an internal liaison officer for the project. Council may appoint an overseeing project manager after an assessment of the organisation’s capacity to complete the project. Council may elect to nominate these project manager costs as part of the total Council contribution to the project.
  • Should a Development Application and/or Construction Certificate be required, the applicant will be responsible for completing these obligations. Associated fees typically charged by AlburyCity for the Development Application and/or Construction Certificate can be waived under the Waiving of Fees for Development Applications/Construction Certificates Policy. It is not a requirement to have submitted a Development Application prior to the grant application however the applicant should be aware of the requirements of doing so prior to submission.
  • Organisations in arrears with their financial obligations to AlburyCity will not be eligible.
  • Organisations that have a current agreed loan repayment schedule regarding a previous project and have met all payment schedules are not precluded from applying through the AlburyCity Community Fund for a new project.

How to apply

Applicants will be required to apply through the Smarty Grants Portal.

The following details should accompany the application:

  • how the project links to the Community Strategic Plan, Albury 2030, and other Council Strategies,
  • the scope of works and associated plans and specifications,
  • quotations in respect to these works,
  • details of the organisation’s financial contribution to the project (both financial and in-kind),
  • details of any other funding received for the project,
  • details of the organisation’s ability to manage the project and a current copy of the organisation’s financial operating statement and future cash flow.

The applicant must be incorporated or a registered legal entity and is not acting for private gain. The project must meet a community need. The organisation must initiate discussions with AlburyCity staff prior to submitting a formal application.

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