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Traffic safety improvements for Glenroy

We're planning further traffic improvements at Glenroy and we want to hear what residents think.

We are committed to improving traffic safety in the Glenroy area.

There are some current traffic safety concerns within Glenroy, particularly around Tenbrink, Wilkinson, Watson and Hodge Streets and Ryan Road. Vehicles are using Wilkinson and Watson Streets to undercut or bypass traffic on Tenbrink Street and Ryan Road and many vehicles are doing so at speed. There have also been cases of hoon driving and a series of vehicle collisions.

We have made some traffic modifications to address the situation but it is clear that some further action is now required. The nature of the traffic problem means that some experimenting of modifications has and will be required to come up with the best traffic solution for Glenroy. Council would like to work with the local community on the required traffic modifications and appreciates community input into this process.

To find out about the proposed traffic safety improvements for Glenroy please download a copy of the Glenroy Traffic Safety Improvement Project Fact Sheet.

Community Feedback Survey

We would be very grateful for local residents’ time in completing the following short survey about the proposed traffic safety improvements for Glenroy.

The survey can be completed online via Survey Monkey The survey will close on Monday 10 August. If you would like a hard copy of the survey form please contact AlburyCity’s Traffic and Transport Team – see contact details below.

Previous Communication

Copies of previous letters to local households about Glenroy traffic safety improvements are available below:

Contacting us

You can talk to Bilee, Andrew or Henry from our Traffic and Transport Team on 02 6023 8111 or email

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