Water Testing and Certification

Water samples are regularly taken from the Water Filtration Plant and the reticulation system for testing to ensure they meet Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and specific NSW Health requirements.

Around 35 tests per day are performed on water being treated at the plant and approximately 45 tests per week are carried out on water taken from the reticulation system. In addition, AlburyCity Health Officers take an average of five samples per week from the reticulation system for testing on behalf of NSW Health.  

The plant uses specialised online analysers which test some of the samples automatically on-site, and the results are used to assist with maintaining the operations of the Water Filtration Plant and the reticulation system. Other samples are tested by plant staff in the field or by staff from the Waterview Laboratory, also owned and managed by AlburyCity.

The tests measure factors such as:

  • chlorine level
  • pH level (which indicates water acidity/alkalinity)
  • fluoride level
  • turbidity (water cloudiness)
  • coliforms (which indicates the level of bacteria in the water)
  • E-coli presence (E-coli bacteria can cause stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhoea).

AlburyCity records results of all of these tests to meet requirements for accreditation for operation of a Water Filtration Plant and reticulation system.

Once the treatment process is complete and the water is ready for drinking, it is stored in four storage tanks at the site before being distributed to users through the reticulation system.