Supply systems

AlburyCity has two water supply systems; reticulated potable (treated) water and raw (untreated) water.

Potable (treated) water system

The potable water scheme pumps water from the Murray River via one of three pump stations on the river to the Water Filtration Plant in East Albury. The location of the stations on the river ensures that pumps can draw the best-quality water available at any particular time.

Once treated, the potable water is pumped by one or more of the 16 distribution pumping stations to 35 service reservoirs scattered throughout the City. From these reservoirs the water gravitates to the 24,000 plus Albury customers through the reticulation system (22,500 of these customers are residential customers).

There is approximately 540kms of water mains of varying diameter ranging from 75mm diameter to 750mm. To maintain the treated water quality there are also six chlorine booster stations throughout the water reticulation system.

Albury has a total licensed allocation of 13,025 megalitres (one megalitre equals 1 million litres). A typical winter’s day consumption is around 15ML while in the summer months the average consumption is around 40ML. The highest recorded day’s consumption was 76.51ML and this occurred on 21 January 1997.

Raw (untreated) water system

We supply raw (untreated) water to a number of big businesses, including Norske Skog paper mill at Ettamogah, Overall Forge (a foundry at Ettamogah), Thurgoona Golf Club, Thurgoona Public School, Albury Wodonga Equestrian Centre and a number of residences at Ettamogah.

The scheme consists of a pump station on the Murray River, approximately 13.5kms of pumping main ranging in diameter from 500mm to 900mm, a booster pump station at Corrys Road Thurgoona, a  2ML rubber-lined open balance tank at Corrys Road and a 2.1ML reinforced concrete balance tank at One Tree Hill Reservoir. Associated with the raw water scheme is a 15.1km long return pipeline that allows the paper mill to return treated water to the Murray River.