Saving water

Together, we’ve cut the City’s water consumption by more than 15 % since 1990, even while our population has increased by 8,000 people. But as temperatures soar at this time of year, conserving water can be harder to keep top of mind. Rest assured, even in summer, there are many big and small ways to be water wise at home – and save money along the way.

Our Water Wise Rules are simple:

  • Water your garden only between 5pm and 10am
  • Avoid using water to hose down paths and driveways

In 2017, each Albury home used on average 587 litres each day. Using less water has financial as well as environmental benefits; reducing your water bill, lessening the costs for treating and pumping water, and over the long term, minimising the need for new reservoirs and supply systems to be built for our city.

Take a look at our tips below for reducing and making the most of each litre you use, in and around the house.