Understanding your water bill

Water bills are issued three times a year with consumption charges based on a user pays system.

A typical bill has three charges:

  • Water access charge – this is a fixed charge
  • Sewerage treatment charge – this is a fixed charge
  • Water consumption charge (this is the amount of water you use).

Water consumption charge

A water consumption charge is applied to every kilolitre (kL) or, 1,000 litres of water you use, the amount of water you use is measured by your water meter.

AlburyCity has a tiered charging system which is based on the amount of water you use:

  • The first 225kL of water which you use is charged at a lower rate, this low rate is to encourage you to use less water in and around the house.
  • When customers use more than 225kL of water per year they are charged at a higher rate.

For up to date information on the your water charges please visit our Fees and Charges webpage.

If you have questions regarding your water bill, please complete the enquiry form.

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