Bulk water filling stations

AlburyCity operates automated pre-paid bulk water filling stations that are accessible 24 hours per day, seven days a week. All units are fitted with a standard 50mm camlock male connector at the outlet of the unit to allow connection of a hose to the tanker or vessel being filled. The Water Filtration Plant is the only site that has an overhead standpipe filling option.

Bulk Water filling station locations

There are currently two stations installed and operational:

  • Albury Water Filtration Plant, 24 Water Works Road, East Albury
  • Pemberton Street, West Albury (Opposite O’Brien Ct)

There are four more stations to be installed in the near future in the following locations:

  • Wagga Road, Lavington
  • Old Sydney Road, Table Top
  • Table Top Road, Thurgoona
  • Riverina Highway, Thurgoona/Wirlinga

Access to the stations

Users of the pre-paid automated water filling stations require an iBUTTON to activate the unit and are required to have credit on their account for the unit to dispense water.  To apply for an iBUTTON and for further information regarding the stations, please fill out the application form below and return it to one of our Customer Service Centres during business hours.

For information on how to use the stations, please download the user instructions below.