The red-lidded bin

You can dispose of your general household waste in your red-lidded general waste bin – this includes things like:

  • Soft Plastics such as plastic bags, cling wrap, lolly/chip wrappers
  • Rope, textiles
  • Polystyrene, disposable nappies
  • Broken items like plates, toys and oven dishes.

Please do not add things like:

  • Ashes
  • Building or commercial waste
  • Liquids

Remember: all food, garden waste and recyclable items need to go into their associated bins.

Items that are too large for your waste bin can be taken to the Albury Waste Management Centre. To save time and money, it's recommended that you sort these items before arriving at the centre.

You can download this A-Z fact sheet which lists all items that can go in your red-lidded bin.