The green-lidded bin

You can put all your food scraps including fish, meat and bones, tea-bags, coffee grounds and cooked foods into your green-lidded bin.

Garden waste such as prunings, grass clippings, sticks, weeds and flowers can also be included. You can also put in paper towel, pizza boxes, shredded paper, tissues and pet droppings.

However, you cannot include things like plastic bags, general household waste, treated or laminated timber, these need to go into your red-lidded bin.

Each year we'll provide new residents with a kitchen caddy and compostable liners and existing residents with additional compostable liners for your food waste. These liners can be placed into your green-lidded bin.

kitchen caddy and bin liners

If you require more kitchen caddy liners, please call into the AlburyCity Customer Service Centre or the Lavington Customer Service Centre to collect.

These liners are compostable, please do not purchase non-biodegradable liners as they cannot break down and are not suitable for the organics system.

You can download this fact sheet to find out what you can put in your green-lidded organics bin.