Kerbside collection

AlburyCity offers a three-bin system for residents and small businesses to dispose of their waste correctly.

  • A 240 Litre green-lidded bin to recycle household organic waste, collected weekly 
  • A 240 Litre yellow-lidded bin to recycle items such as hard plastic, aluminium, paper, cardboard, steel and glass, collected fortnightly
  • A 140 Litre red-lidded bin to dispose of household waste and refuse that cannot be recycled, collected fortnightly

If you need to arrange a new residential or commercial kerbside collection or cancel an existing one, complete the change to bin size request form. You can also use this form to request additional bins or upsize or downsize your bins if the current default system does not suit your needs.

Collection days

Remembering which bins go out on which days can be challenging. Visit HalveWaste to see which bin to put out, or check out the collection calendar.

What goes in which bin?

Download our tips and guidelines brochure as a quick guide for what goes in which bin!

  • waste bin with red lid

    The red-lidded bin

    Your red-lidded bin is for general household waste including plastic bags, cling wrap, rope, polystyrene, disposable nappies and broken items like plates, toys and oven dishes.

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  • yellow-lidded bin

    The yellow-lidded bin

    Your yellow-lidded bin is for all your household recyclables including paper, cardboard, glass jars, bottles etc.

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  • green lidded bin

    The green-lidded bin

    Your green-lidded bin is for all your household and garden organic waste. This includes food scraps as well as lawn clippings and garden prunings.

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