Report litter from a vehicle

Roadside litter is one of the most unnecessary and preventable environmental problems. Reporting littering from vehicles helps to raise awareness, reduce clean-up costs and keep NSW clean.

For the first time in NSW, a new reporting system enables the issuing of a penalty notice based on a public report of littering from a motor vehicle. 

Reports must be made using either the new portal on the EPA website, or the upgraded 'Report to EPA' mobile app downloadable here from February 1 2015.
All reports will undergo a verification process before a fine is issued, and reporters may need to provide evidence in court.
Motorists are advised not to use mobile phones illegally, or act dangerously to catch someone in the act.
Reports need to be made within 14 days of the incident and must include a range of information including car registration and description, date, time, location and the type of littered item where possible. 

Fines for littering from a vehicle range from $250 for an individual, $500 for a corporation, to $900 for aggravated littering such as lit cigarette butts during extreme conditions. 

For more information visit the EPA website.