Garage Sale Trail - it's time to register your sale!

AlburyCity has teamed up with Wodonga, Indigo, Towong, Greater Hume, Federation and Wangaratta Councils to be part of the nations biggest weekend of garage sale -Garage Sale Trail.  An estimated 400,000 Australians will get involved this year either by selling their pre-loved stuff at a garage sale or shopping the Trail for bargains and unique finds.

Made possible by the councils of Australia, it’s all about how the small actions we each take as individuals can make a big difference to our communities and our planet. After all, one garage sale on its own doesn't make that much difference but get 15,000 happening over the one weekend and KAPOW!

Last year over 4 million kilograms of pre-loved items were sold, from kids toys to clothes, furniture and antique tea sets. You name it, you can find it on the Trail.

Have you registered? Join the movement by hosting a sale or shopping the Trail for one or both days - October 20 & 21. It's FREE and anyone can do it, whether you’re a household, community group, a whole street, school or even a local business. You can fundraise for a cause or make yourself a few extra dollars, or simply declutter your space and free your mind.

You can read more on the Garage Sale Trail website.