Disposal costs as of 1 July 2019

Waste disposal charges have remained unchanged.

The charges apply to any material which has to be buried in landfill because it cannot be re-used. The fees are based on weight.

For example, people disposing of general waste at the push pit and have less than 100 kg of non-recyclable material will continue to pay only $5. For people offloading larger quantities, for example, 250 kg of the general waste in the push pit, will pay $38.25.

The fees for this service remain cheaper than other waste management centres across the region.

This change aims to help the community halve the amount of waste we bury by 2020, and follows a recent significant increase in the delivery of non-recyclable waste delivery (some brought from communities outside of Albury) that restricted our ability to reach the Halve Waste target.

The fee structure provides incentives to recycle by reducing costs for every item recycled rather than buried.

Essentially, the less you bury, the more you save.

It’s also important to note that Albury residents will continue to receive vouchers as part of the domestic waste charge to cover the disposal of all general waste. With opportunities on-site to recycle plastics, organics, paper, Styrofoam, hazardous materials like batteries and paint, and a range of other items, we encourage everyone to re-use and recycle.

In this way, we’re all helping our environment while ensuring waste disposal costs are kept to a minimum.

General Solid Waste 
Municipal, Commercial & Industrial, Construction & Demolition $153.00 per tonne
General Waste up to 100kg - Residential $5.00 charge
Green Waste, Concrete, Bricks, Plasterboard, Soft furnishings $57.00 per tonne
Commercial Recycling (Cardboard, polystyrene, plastics and steel) $72.00 per tonne
Low level contaminated waste/special requested burial$290.00 per tonne
Unspecified Waste (including out of region) by appointment only  $360.00 per tonne
Public Weighbridge$28.00 per vehicle
Unloading Fee $75.00 per item
Small Stock (up to 100kgs) $23.00 each
Large Stock (over 100kgs) $57.00 each
Special Item Charges 
Cot Mattress $11.00 each
Mattress or Base (Single, Double, Queen & King)$33.00 each
Mattress and Base (Single, Double, Queen & King)$53.00 both
Motorcycle/Car Tyres  - up to two (2 items free$7.00 each
Truck Tyres$15.00 each
Tractor Tyres (up to 1m diameter)$85.00 each
Tractor Tyres (greater than 1m diameter)$160.00 each
Refrigerators, Freezers & Air conditioners  - up to 1 item free$18.00 each

Free Items for the householder if separated

  • Steel
  • E Waste - TVs/Computers & accessories
  • Polystyrene - clean
  • Paint
  • Gas Bottles
  • Drummuster
  • Motor Oils/Cooking Oils
  • Commingled recycling
  • Second hand clothing and Manchester – placed in clothing bin
  • Cardboard
  • Batteries - household and car/truck
  • Reuse items - suitable for reuse shop
  • Light globes/fluros
  • Paint
  • Hard Plastic
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Paper

* Filling your land? Make sure it’s legal. To find out more about your responsibilities to accept clean fill on your land, visit the EPA website and download the filling your land flyer.