Air Quality Impact Assessment – Albury Waste Management Centre

In late 2016, AlburyCity commenced an Air Quality Impact Assessment at the Albury Waste Management Centre (AWMC) and the surrounding precinct. Council appointed Molino Stewart,  an independent environmental specialist to carry out this project.

In order to help inform the Air Quality Impact Assessment, Molino Stewart engaged with the community to ensure that community feedback and related information was considered as part of the assessment.

The Air Quality Impact Assessment has now been completed and has recommended a range of measures to help reduce odour, several of which AlburyCity has already implemented or is in the process of implementing.

Since November 2016, the following odour mitigation measures have been implemented by AlburyCity at the AWMC:

  • Daily Cover using clean fill - this has been the ongoing practice since November 2016 in the Southern Valley cell area which is the closest to residential areas.
  • Modifications to the tipping face - the tipping area has undergone significant changes over the past two years with the aim of reducing its active area.
  • Leachate pond riser repair - a valve was placed on the leachate pond riser in September 2017 to prevent the escape of odours.
  • Drainage works – significant earthworks were carried out in December 2017 to ensure water drainage within the Southern Valley area improved, which has helped reduce surface water from coming in contact with waste as it runs down the Westside of the landfill area.
  • Thermal testing of the uncapped and capped areas - completed in the Southern Valley cell in order to detect gas leakage.
  • Weather Station relocation - a new weather station was commissioned and relocated to the southern boundary.

The following additional odour mitigation measures are being implemented at the AWMC:

  • Landfill Tarpomatic Cover System - installation of an alternative landfill covering system. The system will be delivered mid-August 2018.
  • Leachate to Sewer - a leachate treatment facility to allow discharge of AWMC leachate to the sewer. This is anticipated to be completed by the end of the 2018/19 financial year.
  • Installation of additional methane gas lines - completed in historic waste areas and there are plans to install further methane gas lines in the coming months.

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) supports the way in which AlburyCity is reducing odour at the AWMC and supports the completed Air Quality Impact Assessment report which can be downloaded here.

AlburyCity welcomes your feedback in regards to the Air Quality Impact Assessment Report. Your feedback can be addressed to Mark Munday PO Box 323 Albury NSW 2640 or via email on