Albury Waste Management Centre

The Albury Waste Management Centre, located at 556 Mudge Street Lavington (see map below) is the region's major waste disposal facility. It offers a range of recycling, resource recovery and waste management initiatives.

On site, there is a construction and demolition sorting area for the commercial sector and green waste sorting area for resident and commercial use.

The new recycling centre is now open allowing residents to drop off household problem waste that otherwise could not be collected via the kerbside collection service. You can also bring in your general household recycling items.

Download the Sorting Waste flyer below before you head out so you know how best to load your waste.

Sorting Waste Flyer

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AlburyCity has completed several waste management improvement projects and programs over the last eight years which have had significant positive environmental impacts. These projects have been supported and partially funded by the NSW EPA and the NSW Environmental Trust.

AlburyCity would like to acknowledge and sincerely thank the NSW EPA and the Environmental Trust for their continued advice, support and funding for these projects over the past decade. Without their continued and ongoing support, these projects would not have been feasible.