Tyre recycling

Tyres are one of the most problematic sources of waste due to their size and durability.

Every year, 51 million tyres reach the end of their life in Australia but only approximately 5% of these tyres are actually recycled.

Disposing of tyres to landfill causes environmental concerns because they take up valuable landfill space, release toxic chemicals when ignited, and provide breeding grounds for mosquitoes and rats.

The average passenger car tyre consists of rubber, steel, and textiles. Recycled tyres are a valuable resource as their component materials can be used for a variety of products or even as an alternative energy source.

Some products from recycled tyres include soft fall surfaces (playground for children), artificial turf, industrial and commercial flooring, and conveyor belts.

You can dispose of your unwanted tyres at Albury Waste Management Centre, charges apply.