Steel recycling

Steel is 100% recyclable! This means it can be recycled over, over and over again.

Producing steel products is an energy intensive process, while reworking recycled steel uses 75% less energy than from raw materials, saving energy and raw materials like iron ore, coal and limestone. Keep in mind - for every 1kg of steel recycled, 2kg of greenhouse gas emissions are avoided.

Steel scrap like aerosol cans, food tins, bottle tops and jar lids can be recycled. You can place small steel waste in your yellow bin, but for larger steel waste, residents can bring scrap them to the Albury Recycling Centre for Free.

Before dropping of your steel waste, make sure they are thoroughly cleaned of any dirt or food scraps.

Applicable Fees & Charges

AlburyCity residents are not charged a fee at the Albury Recycling Centre for disposing of steel. To qualify for these fee concessions, the waste must:

  • not be commercial waste generated from any business or commercial activities

It is also a condition of free acceptance that recyclable materials be separated and placed in the supplied recycling areas. Sorting your load to separate general waste and recyclables is recommended.