Polystyrene recycling

Residents can drop off polystyrene recycling (plastic foam packaging) at the Albury Recycling Centre for free. 

Polystyrene or also known as EPS, is the white packaging that can be mostly found when buying new electronics such as a refrigerator or television.

What happens to the polystyrene? Well the polystyrene is melted down into dense blocks, and these blocks can then be reprocessed into objects such as insulation for housing and photo frames.

While we are happy to recycle your polystyrene, please note that all polystyrene recyclables dropped off must be clean and dry material to be accepted for recycling.

Applicable Fees & Charges

AlburyCity residents are not charged a fee at the Albury Recycling Centre for disposing of polystyrene. To qualify for these fee concessions, the waste must:

  • not be commercial waste generated from any business or commercial activities

It is also a condition of free acceptance that recyclable materials be separated and placed in the supplied recycling areas. Sorting your load to separate general waste and recyclables is recommended.