Mobile Muster

Mobile Muster is Australia’s official national mobile phone recycling program. Currently there are 25.5 million unwanted mobile phones around the country. Each of these phones contains materials such as precious metals, minerals, plastics and glass.

Recycling mobile phones provides a valuable opportunity to recover these materials at the same time as preventing toxic substances like cadmium, mercury and lead from harming the environment.

The components of a mobile phone that can be extracted are:

  • Batteries: Batteries are smelted to extract cadmium, cobalt, steel and nickel which are then used to make new batteries  
  • Circuit Boards: Circuit boards are stripped and processed to remove gold, silver and palladium  
  • Handset casings: Plastics from casings and accessories can be shredded and used to make new products

You can now drop your mobile phone at the Albury Recycling Centre for free or for more information about the Mobile Muster program visit