General household recycling

The Albury Recycling Centre accepts a huge range of material including cardboard, polystyrene, hard and soft plastics, mattresses, white goods, tyres, clothing, steel items, re-useable furniture and goods suitable for resale (books, furniture, building supplies).

  • Pile of electronic waste


    Not sure what to do with that old TV, printer or computer? Bring it to the new Albury Recycling Centre and we will take it off your hands for free.

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  • Recycled mattress

    Mattress recycling

    Up to 90% of mattress components can be recycled, and salvaging these components can divert significant waste items that would otherwise end up in landfill.

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  • Recycled whitegoods


    You can bring your old fridges, freezers, air-conditioners and washing machines to the Albury Recycling Centre, but charges may apply.

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  • Recycled clothing


    Now you can donate your old clothing. Clothing bins are set up at the Albury Recycling Centre. All material collected is sorted, baled and sent off for reuse. Supporting this initiative directly supports our local communities.

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  • Recycled steel

    Steel recycling

    Steel is 100% recyclable. This means it can be recycled over, over and over again.

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  • Plastic bags

    Plastic recycling

    Albury Recycling Centre can now recycle your soft plastics as well as hard plastics. Soft plastics only include heavy duty film wrap, shrink wrap, clear and black plastic, while hard plastics are things like garden furniture and kids toys.

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  • Polystyrene box

    Polystyrene recycling

    Also known as EPS, polystyrene is the white packaging mostly found when buying new electronics such as a refrigerator or television. We don't want you putting it in your household bin, rather bring it out and we'll recycle it.

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  • Old tyres

    Tyre recycling

    Used tyres are a huge issue for landfills. The good news is that they can be recycled and turned into a range of products.

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  • Pile of clean fill

    Clean fill

    We accept a range of clean fill materials such as top soil, dirt, gravel and concrete, but charges may apply.

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  • Recycled mobile phones

    Mobile Muster

    The Albury Recycling Centre is a Mobile Muster collection point.

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  • Paper Recycling Bin

    Paper Recycling

    The AWMC accepts newspaper, magazines, paper brochures, office paper, shredded paper, soft cover books and telephone directories for free.

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