Sustainability Advisory Committee

The Sustainability Advisory Committee was formed in 2011 to provide direction to Council on sustainability and environmental matters. Its role is closely linked to our commitment to the community-defined sustainability outcomes in Albury 2030. Committee members represent a cross-section of the Albury community.

Since 2014 the committee has been focusing on raising community awareness of sustainability and environmental issues. It contributes to our community awareness program on biodiversity and vegetation management; sustainable transport; energy, water and waste management; liveable communities and healthy lifestyle; climate change and adaptation; and how we can engage with the community, including the business sector.

Results from our work in these areas are released each year in AlburyCity's  Annual Report.

Expression of Interest

AlburyCity is calling for expressions of interest (EOI) from members of the Albury community who have an interest or passion for environmental education and awareness to join the Sustainability Advisory Committee. Please click for further information regarding the Expression of Interest and the Committee’s Terms of Reference. EOI are to be submitted to AlburyCity by close of business Friday 26 October 2018 and are to be addressed to the Group Leader, Natural Environment, and sent to

Committee objectives

  • Identify and discuss sustainability ideas and issues that relate to Albury
  • Enable collaborative approaches in the Albury community on sustainability and the environment
  • Enable AlburyCity to monitor community views on sustainability and the environment and to incorporate them in its community awareness program.

What members are responsible for

  • Using their networks to collect views from the Albury community on sustainability and the environment
  • Contributing to committee discussions on how these perspectives can be brought into the Community Awareness Program
  • Participating in a joint effort to raise community awareness of sustainability and environmental issues.

Meetings and membership changes

The Sustainability Advisory Committee meets quarterly. To request minutes of the meetings email

Every two years we review committee membership and invite expressions of interest in becoming a member from the community.

Current Sustainability Advisory Committee members

  • Councillor David Thurley (Chair)
  • Councillor Amanda Cohn (Deputy-Chair)
  • Mr Rob Fenton (TAFE NSW, Natural Environment Centre)
  • Mr Jonathon Howard (community member)
  • Ms Sally Hendy (community member)
  • Mr Stuart Lucas (community member)
  • Dr Alison Mitchell (environmental educator)
  • Ms Lizette Salmon (Wodonga Albury Towards Climate Health)