State of the Environment Report

Our State of Environment Report covers environmental, economic and social issues set out in Albury 2030 , our Community Strategic Plan. The most recent report was released for 2012–2013 and the next report is scheduled for release in 2017 for 2016–2017.

Changes to NSW reporting requirements may not require us to prepare this report into the future. However, we will include part of this information in our Annual Report and in our Sustainability and Environment Snapshot.

Focus areas

Themes in the latest report include:

  • Demographics, the economy and land use features
  • Sustainability and the environment – strategic issues, education and awareness and key stakeholders
  • Resilience of environmental, social and economic systems
  • Atmosphere – climate, air pollution and emissions
  • Natural resource management – land, environmental water, catchment management and biodiversity
  • Built environment – development and growth, potable water, solid waste, wastewater and energy
  • Heritage – cultural and Indigenous
  • Future-proofing – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Read past reports

Note: Before 2011–12, these reports were for the whole Riverina and Murray Regional Organisation of Councils.