Sustainable Households

Save Power Kit

A Save Power Kit can help you work out the amount of energy your household uses and the running costs of appliances such as televisions, lamps and fridges. You can borrow one from the LibraryMuseum or Lavington Library.

Each Save Power Kit contains a Power-Mate Lite (portable energy usage/cost data and prediction device), an infrared thermometer, a compass, a stopwatch, a thermometer and a user guide. It also has a worksheet for recording your findings.

Reducing your power bills

You’ll find good information and tips about using less power at:

  • Save Energy, Save Money (NSW government)
  • Helpful hints for energy saving in summer(NSW government)
  • Your Home technical manual on how to design and build or renovate a sustainable home
  • BASIX (Building Sustainability Index) to assess the energy performance of homes
  • Energy Rating tool to work out the energy performance of appliances
  • Your Energy Savings for useful information on building or renovating a home
  • Insulation
  • Energy Made Easy (Commonwealth government) is a free service which allows households and business to identify the best energy retailer based on your energy consumption profile. This site also provides information on solar feed-in tariffs.  This website shows all available offers and does not take commissions from the retailers if you choose to switch, unlike other commercial switching websites and call centres.

We hold energy management sessions throughout the year as part of the Monthly EnviroTalk program. Visit our Get Involved  webpage for more information on the Monthly EnviroTalk program.

Reducing water and waste charges

See our Water Management and Waste Management pages to find out how to use water and waste services more efficiently.

Energy-saving transport

Cars are important to many of us. However, you may also want to consider healthier and less energy-demanding alternatives for some trips. These include public transport (Dysons Bus Lines and Martins Transport) and the network of off-road cycling and walking trails in the Albury region.

Download a copy of the Albury tracks and trails guide.

Buying an energy-efficient car

To help you choose which new or used car to buy, check out the Green Vehicle Guide.

Running your car efficiently

The Commonwealth Government’s sustainable transport website offers tips for using your car more smartly to save energy and money.