Sustainable Businesses

Save energy – reduce costs

Energy costs can make up a significant part of total business operating costs, so any reduction in energy consumption will have a positive effect on the bottom line.

The NSW Government is offering over $16 million in funding to help manufacturing businesses save energy and money.

There are 3 funding types available  :

  • upgrade energy monitoring systems
  • replace or retrofit old, inefficient equipment
  • install new energy efficient equipment
  • improve manufacturing processes.

If you’re successful, you’ll get up to $120,000 in matched funding per site, to implement project/s that saves gas or electricity. Applications close 30 June 2019.

Additional information is available here

Energy efficient webinars

The NSW Government has a range of free interactive webinars on a range of topics where you could learn to save your business thousands.

Each session runs for 30 minutes and is facilitated by an independent energy efficiency expert, Nick Palousis. Topics include:

  • Metering and monitoring – a power couple (view recording)
  • Procurement of energy smart assets (10 April 2019)
  • Heat of the moment – process heating and boiler efficiency (1st May 2019)
  • Take the pressure down – savings tips on compressed air (5th June 2019)

Previous webinars

  • Shining a light on solar and batteries; assess what’s right for your business
  • Commercial refrigeration - keeping your costs cool
  • Energy Productivity - the new buzz in smart business
  • Heating and Air conditioning – reduce your costs
  • Climate change and your small business – what next?

Click here to view sessions.

Energy-saving assistance programs for businesses

The NSW Government’s Energy Saver program helps organisations reduce their energy consumption and costs through:

  • energy efficiency training
  • energy efficiency reports and toolkits
  • support for energy efficiency projects.

For small businesses the Energy Saver program offers a subsidised energy assessment and tailored energy action plan. Your business can also get up to four hours of specialist help to implement the energy saving measures in your action plan.

For larger businesses the Energy Saver program offers tailored energy-saving solutions, project support and technical advice, and opportunities to network with like-minded business.

The NSW Energy Savings Scheme provides funding support for specific energy efficiency upgrades.

Albury business may be eligible for grant funding under Commonwealth programs and initiatives. See the business grants and assistance website for information on these opportunities.

Other energy-saving resources for businesses

The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage holds training courses for businesses. Details are on the I Am More Productive website.

Review your energy costs through the Commonwealth’s Energy Made Easy website.

If you’re considering changing retailers, check out the Get Energy Smart website.

Reducing waste charges

See our Waste Management page to find out how your business can use waste services more efficiently.

More information

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