Energy management framework

Our Energy Management Framework has three pillars:

  • energy performance monitoring
  • energy savings measures
  • detailed energy assessment

Energy Savings Action Plan

Our Energy Savings Action Plan sets out the measures we’re taking to implement the framework.

We review and update the four-year plan each year, based on the results of energy assessments and audits.

Energy audits and assessments

Our journey to ‘power down’ began in 2008 with an audit of energy consumption at key sites. We have undertaken significant audits of water and wastewater assets; heating, ventilation and air-conditioning assets; and office lighting in 10 AlburyCity buildings and facilities.

Between these major audits we have done targeted assessments. The most significant was a detailed economic assessment in 2013 of solar panel infrastructure at numerous AlburyCity sites.

Energy Management Framework Review

In 2014 we carried out an internal service and efficiency review of the Energy Management Framework. The review identified extra measures we can take to unlock energy savings for AlburyCity. These including appointing an Energy and Sustainability Officer to be in charge of the framework.