Cities Power Partnership

AlburyCity is committed to a sustainable and non-polluting energy future, as demonstrated by our commitment in Albury 2030 – Our Community Strategic Plan under the ‘enhanced natural environment’ theme.  To complement our efforts in pursuing Albury 2030 outcomes, AlburyCity was one of the first local councils in Australia to sign up to the Cities Power Partnership that launched in July 2017.

The Cities Power Partnership (CPP) is an initiative of the Australian Climate Council that seeks to partner local government in celebrating and accelerating reductions in emissions and clean energy successes. The partnership requires a signatory council to commit to five pledges and report to progress against each pledge twice a year. These pledges are nominated by a local council from a broad range of pledges covering renewable energy, energy efficiency, transport and working together and influence.

The following pledges form part of our commitment under the CPP initiative:

  1. Renewable Energy
    Power council operations with renewable energy, directly (with solar PV or wind), or by purchasing green power (from electricity retailers).
    Set targets to increase the level of renewable power for council operations over time;
  2. Renewable Energy
    Support community energy projects (with location and planning support) so that residents (such as renters) can band together and invest in community renewable energy projects;
  3. Energy Efficiency
    Adopt best practice energy efficiency measures across all council buildings, and support community facilities to adopt these measures;
  4. Transport
    Encourage sustainable transport use (public transport, walking and cycling) through council transport planning and design. Substantial savings in transport energy use can be achieved by designing more compact cities with access to high quality public and active transport services and facilities; and;
  5. Working Together and Influence
    Implement an education and behaviour change program to influence the behaviour of council officers, local residents and businesses within the municipality to drive the shift to renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable transport.

These pledges were identified in close consultation with Council’s Sustainability Advisory Committee, and selected on its ability to assist in achieving relevant Albury 2030 outcomes.

AlburyCity has already made significant progress against a number of these through its Energy Savings Action Plan. This plan provides a four year schedule of energy saving measures covering renewable energy, energy efficiency and audit and assessment.

By being part of this initiative, AlburyCity can also draw on expertise and experiences of other local councils on renewable energy, energy efficiency, transport and working together and influence, and vice-versa.  The Climate Council has buddied AlburyCity with Yass Valley Council (NSW) and Strathbogie Shire Council (VIC).
Additional information on the Cities Power Partnership can be found on the Climate Council’s website.