Making Albury Resilient to Climate Change

We;re working with the Sustainability Advisory Committee to develop a Climate Adaptation Plan for Albury. This is one of our commitments under the Community Strategic Plan, Albury 2030.

Climate risk assessment

In 2012 we carried out a climate risk assessment . This clearly showed that that higher temperatures would have an impact on our community, particularly its more vulnerable members. It also highlighted how important water quality is to our region economically, as we rely so much on Murray River tourism.

Integrated Regional Vulnerability Assessment

In 2013 we participated in the Integrated Regional Vulnerability Assessment project for the Riverina Murray Region. The state government ran a series of workshops across the region, each focusing on a particular theme: landscapes and ecosystems; industries, settlements and infrastructure; human services; and emergency management. The final report was released in 2015.

Protecting critical IT infrastructure

In 2015 we used grant funding from the Local Government NSW Building Resilience to Climate Change program to retrofit IT communications outposts. This will protect critical communications infrastructure from extreme heat, reducing the risk of outages.

Enabling Regional Adaptation project

In 2015 we were part of the NSW Enabling Regional Adaptation project, which is about finding pathways to resilient community, environmental and economic systems. The final report of the project should be released in early 2017.

ClimateWatch trails initiative

In 2016 the Albury Botanic Gardens participated in the ClimateWatch trails initiative. This is an initiative by EarthWatch, the University of Melbourne and the Bureau of Meteorology to get communities involved in recording the local impacts of climate change on plants and animals. Local people collect information, then ClimateWatch checks the quality of the data and makes it available free of charge via the Atlas of Living Australia. Scientists use this information to keep track of the impacts of climate change across Australia.

For more information, see the webpage for the Albury Botanic Gardens ClimateWatch trail.

Next steps

Over the next two years we will develop Albury’s Climate Adaptation Plan, based on the studies outlined above.