Sewer relining increases service life

Specialist contractors are refurbishing dilapidated sewer mains as part of an ongoing program to renew and upgrade infrastructure.

Where there are instances of high-fat deposits or other contaminants, high pressure water cleaners can be used to clear the problem with minimal disruption or excavation.

If the main is in poor condition, refurbishment of the sewer main is conducted in a process known as ‘in-situ structural relining’, which involves the insertion of heavy-duty PVC liners within the walls of the existing mains.

The relined sewers then have an increased service life of approximately 50 years.

AlburyCity strives to minimise inconvenience to the community when conducting this work. The process requires minimal excavation, thus reducing the impact on neighbours, road users and others.

Importantly, the sewers continue to operate while the work takes place.

As part of the process, a robot-mounted camera monitors the mains to check for damage or blockages, as well as ensuring the new liners are functioning to design capacity.

When the cameras find blockages or other damage, the lines are identified for repairs or maintenance.