Common questions about wet wipes

Why can't I flush wet wipes?

Our system is only designed for human waste and toilet paper. Toilet paper is the only material that can breakdown quick enough for our wastewater system.

'Flushable' wet wipes may go down your toilet bowl easily, however they do not break down quickly enough for our wastewater system.

This can lead to blockages in your own private sewer pipes and sewage overflows into customer's homes and streets which can result in expensive plumbing bills at your cost.

Are there any wipes I can flush?

We recommend that people don't flush ANY wipes down the toilet. They don't break down like toilet paper so they can clog your pipes and ours.

How long does it take for toilet paper and wipes to break down?

See for yourself... check out the video filmed in our Waterview Laboratory using toilet paper and a wet wipe.