Flushing of Wet Wipes

Did you know wet wipes that get flushed down the toilet block the sewers? Even though the packaging states that they are flushable!

Thousands of wet wipes are being flushed down Albury's toilets, blocking sewage pump stations and costing thousands of rate payer dollars per annum to remove.  Recently, an 80kg ball of wipes was removed from the main pump station at the depot opposite the Albury Botanic Gardens.... that's a lot of wipes!

The problem in Albury has increased in recent years and we are calling on residents, businesses and visitors to stop flushing wet wipes. We do have machine-operated cutters, but at present, the problem is growing with so many wipes being flushed into our sewage systems that our staff are having to remove them by hand, when the wipes just shouldn't be there.