Sewerage (wastewater)

AlburyCity is committed to delivering the best wastewater (sewerage) management services to our community.

  • Testing at Waterview Laboratory

    Waterview Laboratory

    Waterview Laboratory is a NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) accredited laboratory specialising in water and waste water sampling and analysis.

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  • No Wipes for Albury Pipes

    Thousands of wet wipes are being flushed down Albury's toilets, blocking sewage pump stations and costing thousands to remove.

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  • Fatty oils used in restaurants and takeaway stores

    Trade Waste

    Liquid trade waste is all liquid waste discharged to the sewer. Approval must be obtained to discharge this waste.

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  • Albury's Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Wastewater systems

    AlburyCity has three wastewater systems; the urban area of the City itself, Hume Weir Village and Lara Lakes at Table Top.

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  • Testing of Wastewater and the Waterview Treatment Plant

    Wastewater testing and certification

    AlburyCity undertakes a combination of daily, weekly and monthly sampling and testing at our treatment plants.

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  • AlburyCity staff performing routine testing at the Waterview Laboratory

    Regulatory control and performance reporting

    AlburyCity’s wastewater supply system is regulated by the NSW Department of Primary Industries water section and reported on annually.

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  • Wastewater coming from pipes

    Charging for wastewater

    All wastewater customers of AlburyCity are charged an ‘access’ charge. This charge contributes to operation, maintenance and expansion of our wastewater system.

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  • Sewer relining

    Albury's sewers are being relined with special PVC piping to extend the life of the mains by up to 50 years. A robot-mounted camera is used to monitor the condition of the lines before and after repairs.

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