Road Safety

AlburyCity is committed to reducing the number of road crashes and associated trauma in our region. 

Council employs a Road Safety Officer to develop and implement public education programs to highlight road safety issues in the region including:

  • Speeding vehicles 
  • Drink driving 
  • Use of seatbelts and child restraints 
  • Pedestrians
  • Cyclists
  • Motorcyclists.

Our Road Safety Officer works in partnership with the NSW Roads and Maritime Services with assistance from NSW Police and other government agencies when required.

  • 40km/hr Sign High Pedestrian Activity

    Speeding motorists

    Speed is the biggest contributing factor to injury and fatality crashes on New South Wales roads. AlburyCity is working with the community to combat speed and reduce the number of crashes where speed is a contributing factor.

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  • 40km speed zone in Albury

    Speed Zones

    Albury has a range of speed limits that include School zones, Shared zones and High Pedestrian Activity areas. Speed limit signs are always a black number inside a red circle.

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  • RBT Means you Need a Plan B


    You don't have to be drunk to be affected by alcohol. Drink Driving is a factor in approximately one in every five crashes in NSW where someone loses their life.

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  • Photo of driving wheel and spedometer

    Seatbelts and Child Restraints

    From January 2010 to December 2014, 3% of the total fatality and injury road crashes in Albury were due to non-use of seatbelts or incorrect seatbelt usage.

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  • Crossing the Road - Look out before you step out.

    Pedestrians and motorised wheelchairs

    Pedestrians can be of any age and include people walking, running, disabled or using a motorised wheelchair. At times, pedestrians can be unpredictable and difficult to see particularly in congested areas and before and after events that attract large crowds.

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  • mother and child on bikes near river

    Bicycle safety

    Whether for recreation, fitness or the daily commute, more people are riding bicycles on NSW roads than ever before.

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  • Image of a glass of alcohols and a set of car keys

    Nightrider Bus

    AlburyCity is offering a late night bus service for the 2018 Albury Gold Cup that will drop you at your doorstep across Albury and Wodonga for $5.

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  • Young driver displaying L Plate

    Learner Drivers

    Keep your Learner Driver safe and learn about teaching a young person to drive with AlburyCity's Learner Driver workshops.

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  • Ride to Live Campaign


    Motorcycling is now more popular than ever. Saving motorcycle riders' lives and preventing injuries in our region is a critical road safety challenge for AlburyCity.

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  • Image of fatigued lady with head in her hands

    Driver Fatigue

    Fatigue can be as dangerous as other road safety issues, such as drink driving and speeding. Drivers of all ages get tired – even the young and fit - and you may not even be aware that fatigue is eroding your driving skills.

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  • Children crossing sign

    Road Safety Strategic Plan

    AlburyCity has a five-year Road Safety Strategic Plan to improve road safety at a local level. This plan is regularly reviewed to ensure that the most recent Albury crash trends and community concerns are incorporated and appropriate road safety issues are targeted.

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