Public Health and Safety

To keep Albury a great place to live, work and play, we provide a range of services to continually improve the standard of public health and the level of personal safety in our community.

We’re responsible for:

  • identifying and monitoring public health issues
  • inspecting and monitoring businesses to ensure compliance with the Food Act 2003 and the Public Health Act 2010
  • handling food-related complaints
  • advising food businesses on public health
  • managing noise and odour issues
  • running programs and strategies that promote better health.
  • Food and Drink

    Food and Drink

    All local businesses that serve food to the public are regulated by Council and the NSW Food Authority.

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  • Hair, Beauty and Skin Penetration

    Hair, Beauty and Skin Penetration

    We regulate personal appearance services to make sure they comply with public health laws.

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  • Other Public Health Services

    Other Public Health Services

    We manage many aspects of public health in our city including swimming pools and spas, asbestos removal, fire safety, legionnaire’s disease control and mosquito monitoring

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  • Public safety is of paramount importance

    Public Safety

    Public safety is of paramount importance to AlburyCity. We are constantly working with law and health providers and community groups to ensure a safe environment to live, work and play.

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