Stormwater Impacts

Why stormwater is a problem

Rainfall runoff from your roof and land collects on driveways, roads and footpaths and flows from saturated gardens, fields and subdivision sites into the Council stormwater system and out into the Murray River. Along the way it crosses different surfaces and can collect various pollutants – sediment, exposed soil, oil and grease from driveways and roads, leaves and animal manure from gutters, and chemicals from gardens.

All this exposure to contamination means that stormwater can harm the quality of water in the catchment and the Murray River downstream of Albury. It can also damage ecosystems in and around the Murray.

What we’re doing about it

Our guidelines to manage stormwater and reduce its effects on the environment and on residents are:

We’re developing a Stormwater and Drainage Strategy to manage stormwater and its environmental effects through water-sensitive urban design. To go with the new strategy we will review the erosion and sediment control measures in the current guidelines.