Council Stormwater System

Albury’s public stormwater system handles stormwater from road reserves, parks, drainage reserves, drainage easements and some private properties. The infrastructure includes pits, pipes, channels and kerbs and gutters.

Who’s responsible?

AlburyCity is responsible for managing stormwater in the local government area, except for state roads and the rail corridor. For a list of state roads, contact Roads and Maritime Services. For enquiries about stormwater on these roads, contact NSW Roads and Maritime Services. For enquiries about stormwater in the rail corridor, contact the ARTC.

We keep records of all parts of the public stormwater system and can provide details on request. We don’t keep records of private stormwater systems.

The public stormwater system discharges to several catchment areas that drain to the Murray River. We also manage these catchments and floodplains. See the Catchment areas and Floodplain management webpages for more information.


We carry out regular maintenance work on the stormwater system. Typically we clean pits twice a year, but we clean pits that are known to block, such as those in areas with lots of trees, once a fortnight. We regularly inspect other components, such as pipes and channels, and clean them when necessary.

To report blocked pits, please contact us on 02 6023 8111 or


To report any instances of flooding, please phone our Customer Service Centre on 02 6023 8111. This will help us better understand the patterns and causes of flooding throughout the Albury area.