Builder and Developer Responsibilities

Soil erosion from large and small building and development sites is a major source of stormwater pollution. Builders and developers are responsible for managing stormwater on their worksites to protect the health of our waterways, including the businesses, lifestyles and environmental lands that depend on them.

AlburyCity plans and codes

Our strategies for managing Albury’s growth are in the Development Control Plan 2010 and the Albury Local Environment Plan 2010.

Our planning process to manage the impact of growth enables us to place conditions on development approvals. Stormwater and drainage management is a standard condition of consent for a development or construction site.

Current controls for stormwater and drainage management are based on our:

These are important reference documents for builders and developers.

Typical development application requirements

Stormwater and drainage conditions for development approvals vary depending on the type and scale of development and site-specific circumstances.

For lot-size developments, we typically require a drainage plan and sediment control plan as part of the development application for a new building and for alterations and additions that involve changes to stormwater drainage.

Large-scale developments (e.g. subdivisions) generally involve extensive earthworks over a large area. We typically require development applications for these to attach:

  • a drainage catchment management plan
  • a soil and water management plan
  • an erosion and sediment control plan.

Generally we also require on-site stormwater detention (e.g. sediment basins) to be part of the design.

Legal point of discharge

Developers and builders are responsible for connecting a subdivision’s stormwater and drainage system to a legal point of discharge. This is to reduce the impact on neighbouring properties by managing stormwater on the premises and directing it into the public stormwater system.

Technical requirements

The technical requirements for stormwater management are in:

  • the Building Code of Australia – technical standards for all aspects of building
  • Volume 3 of the National Construction Code – plumbing and drainage requirements for stormwater
  • Australian Standard AS/NZS 3500.3 Plumbing and Drainage – requirements for collecting roof water and surface water and discharging it through underground pipes to legal points of discharge.

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