Development Control Complaints

We investigate all the complaints we get about development consent breaches and illegal works.

The most common complaints are:

  • development consent breaches – hours of operation (noise), construction hours (noise), erosion and soil control (stormwater)
  • illegal works – suspected illegal construction of sheds, garages, house extensions etc.


See the guidelines on our noise webpage if you have concerns about development or construction noise.

Stormwater management

See the guidelines on our stormwater, runoff and drainage webpage if you have concerns about stormwater management on a development or construction site or on a residential property.

Illegal works

Illegal building and development works include:

  • using premises without consent from Council (unlawful use)
  • carrying out works without the correct approvals
  • not complying with a development approval
  • not complying with a building approval
  • not complying with environmental conditions.


We rely on help from the community to draw our attention to illegal works and breaches of development consent.

To report possible illegal works or breaches of planning approvals, please contact us ( or on 02 6023 8111.


When we investigate complaints about suspected illegal works or breaches of planning approvals, we consider:

  • evidence from the person who made the complaint, the person or business responsible for the works being complained about, and other evidence such as photos from the site inspection
  • the circumstances of the individual case and the public policy it relates to
  • any precedents (similar cases we’ve previously dealt with)
  • the cost to the community of any action.


It is a criminal offence to breach building, environmental and planning laws. Penalties include:

  • stop work notices, enforcement notices and other notices or orders
  • prosecution for criminal offences
  • fines
  • court orders to remedy serious breaches.