Responsible pet ownership

For everyone’s safety and well-being, we enforce a range of regulations for dog and cat owners. These include aggressive, menacing and attacking dogs as well as restricted breeds and dangerous dogs.

  • Aggressive dogs

    People have a right to feel safe in the community and it is the responsibility of pet owners to ensure the protection of others and to keep public areas safe for people to enjoy.

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  • Dog attacks

    Dog owners are responsible for their dog’s actions. It is an offence for a dog to attack, harass or chase a person or another animal.

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  • American pitbull terrier

    Dangerous,menacing and restricted dogs

    Learn why and how a dog can be declared dangerous or menacing, and check the list of dog breeds that are prohibited in NSW.

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  • two small dogs with leads and collars in a park

    Breaches and fines

    As a pet owner you’re responsible for making sure your pet is registered, healthy and safe and doesn’t become a nuisance to you, your neighbours or the neighbourhood.

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